Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Turning 40

I don't normally do a blog about me but in a little over a week I will turn 40! I have had some time to reflect on this a bit so I wanted to share what has been rolling around in my little head. I was the first born to my parents. you wouldn't know it now but weighing in at a whopping 7lbs 7.5 oz born with Strabismus but those eyes of blue seem to be for me my only source of beauty growing up.

Then not too long after I was born God blessed me with one of my greatest gifts of my life, my little brother Tony! We walked through lots of things together that I know I wouldn't have gotten through without him!

Then when I turned 16 another gift was given to me.

God decided then that I would meet the man whom I would marry and share my life with! Boy did He pick the right guy for me! 

We truly have "done" life together! We grew up together and learned about each other in the process. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good but we never gave up on each other!

He has been there with me when life was so dark and I didn't think I could go on, to every joy I can think of that God provided during the dark times.

God also blessed us when we were very young with the beginning of our family. Now there are times when people look at me and say, "No you can't be almost 40" and I cringe. You know why? Because we started our family young but I have loved and laughed and struggled and enjoyed every minute of it. I feel like I earned this 40. That I am not a young naive woman, because God has brought me through HARD stuff and I feel as if that has made me more mature and understanding for my age. It makes me feel as if I don't deserve to be the Mom of a 22 year old.

We truly have done life together as well. He has a wonderful heart and loves to help others and share Jesus like nobody's business! I am PROUD to be this man's Momma! I adore his hugs and the way he honors me with his respect and love!

Then there is my sweet girl who is like my best friend who is a proud 20 year old! Who is silly and funny and beautiful and has such a tender heart. She is ALL girl and you can see that in all she does. She is not afraid to get dirty though or work hard. She too loves Jesus and does not put up with anyone making fun of her Lord.

She loves to have fun and be silly

And she is my Women of Faith Buddy!!

You know when you have two kids and you think, this is about perfect. Thank you God! And then He laughs and says "Oh wait, you are not finished, I am about to bring you so much joy you can't stand it" That is exactly what He did when He blessed us with this guy!

He is my cuddle buddy! My laughter and my joy! He drives me crazy and brings me frustration, but oh how he loves to make "all things better mama". When I cry he wipes my tears in a way only he can and hugs me in his special way! I love this guy! God always knows what He is doing when He gives you kiddo's. My kids for the most part are nothing alike, however they do have some things that totally tie them together. They love Jesus, their parents and helping others! I could not be more proud to be their Mom!

God has also blessed me with some more people in my life that I know makes each day better!

Started with these guys! My sweet brother and "sis" and nephew! Oh but remember what I said when God picks your kiddo's for you? He wasn't done with them either! They added this guy!

Isn't he sweet!! I am so glad to be an aunt!! I adore my nephews and they bring such joy and happiness to my life!

God must love me an awful lot to bring them into my life!

I mean look at their Daddy!! (we were playing, posing for this pic like when we were little!) We laughed so hard when we were done!

So looking at 40 makes me think about half my life being over! Then I remember its only HALF over! God has so much more for us. He loves us so much and has walked through some of the darkest days and the brightest ones with us!

And you know what I have learned over the last year. He LOVES ME! With all my baggage and all my past and even my future!

No matter what mistakes I make or how much I mess up, He still loves ME! He made ME, He knit ME together!

He loves me just the way I am! I am His creation and He who began a good work in me will carry on to completion in Jesus!

And He sent me people to love me through this life, even when I couldn't do it alone! Or when I thought I WAS alone!

I know I am blessed!! I know I am loved not only by those God sent in my life as family, but my friends as well. To all of you who have stood beside me through all the years. Those who know my heart, my best and my worst, that know what I struggle with and how I love, those who have never left me because life got hard. I just want to say "Thank you! and I love you!"

So here is to the next 40 years and what God has in store for us! We cannot wait!! Join us as we watch His plans unfold for us!

And again I just want to say how blessed I am that God took that shy little girl who would not open up to anyone with all my fear and troubles, and blessed me with all these wonderful people. Blessing me also with something that He planted in my heart that will bring Him glory and honor and will help bring awareness to the Orphan crisis all over the world! Every child deserves a home!! Won't you help us in bringing awareness to the plight of the orphan? James 1:27 tells us to "Look after orphans and widows in their distress." That is what we will do, follow God's word and His plan for our life!! 

Here is to another 40 years! May these be better than the last and may He be glorified more in my life in the future, than He has been in the past!!

Blessings, and joy, and smiles, and laughter, and lots and lots of  Ladybugs!! :)