Friday, November 7, 2014

We have a daughter! Part 1

Oh friends, what joy fills my heart!! We have a daughter and she is beautiful!! The Lord works in wonderful ways. We had not planned to really look at kiddo's until we were further along in this process of adoption but God had other plans!! There have been a few kiddo's files we looked at, and one we even asked more about but God just told us to wait. So here is the story.

One Friday afternoon I was looking at an advocacy website for kiddo's from Ch*na. This page took me to our agency's website not by surprise. I was there to check out this little one they were advocating for, not for my interest but so I could share her with others. She was not someone who we felt comfortable moving forward with. While I was there, I did my normal, scroll through the waiting kids, just to see, maybe if our daughter was there. So I kept scrolling, little eyes staring back at me, but God didn't give me any inclination that any of them were ours. I got to one little one who "fit" (for lack of a better word) into the broad spectrum we had given our agency that we would adopt. I clicked on her link that had a video and the hair on my arms stood up! I thought to myself, surely she has a family matched with her. I just non nonchalantly emailed our agency just to see. What you don't know is that we never just email the agency. When there is a child we think possibly might be ours, my hubby and I stop and talk and pray and seek God's will. So this was totally out of the norm. I didn't even mention her to Bud till later.

So the email was sent asking if she had a family that had her locked in or even on hold. I just knew with her background SOMEONE had to have said, "Yes" to her already. Not only had no one said yes, but no one was interested. I thought hmmmm.... our awesome Social worker replied with this info PLUS her file! A file contains pertinent information about a child such as health info, daily routine, what they like, how many times they've been to the Dr, their special need, where they were found, as well as what province and their birth date.

I was visiting a friend that day so I would've normally jumped all over this. I was patient and waited till I got home and called the hubby. One other thing we do is once we get a file we look at it together and pray over it. He was working that night so I had to wait for him to get home later in the evening. It was killing me to wait. I did call him and tell him what I had done. He was very calm and said OK we will look at it when I get home. I was so giddy. I could hardly wait. I mean there it was in my inbox just begging me to look at it. I however honored my hubby with great reluctance and waited!!

This is a long story so I will do it in two parts......

to be continued....

Lots of love and Ladybugs :)