Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This IS The Year!!!! $20 for 20!

Hello friends!
2015 is upon us and we are SO excited that this is the year we are fulfilling God's calling on our lives and bringing home our little girl!! Abby is waiting for us in Southern China and we cannot wait to go get her!! Here is how you can help! We are asking 250 people to donate a one time $20.00 donation in the next 20 days to our Gofundme account account located on the side of this blog! After every 25 donations made I will do a drawing. The chosen winner will receive a great prize. I have some wonderful friends who have offered to donate lots of different items. I will keep you posted here on each milestone and what the next prize will be. The first prize we will give away will be a few scentsy bars!! If you love these like I do then this is an awesome prize!!!! You will find all the info here and on our fb page. Thank you so much for your generous donations!! Don't forget to share and stay tuned!!!

Lots of love and Ladybugs! :)