Monday, October 12, 2009

Catching up!

It's been awhile since I've been on here. So to catch up... Ernie is doing really well at school! Even has someone special in his life, trying to adjust to having to "share" my son lately. She's a sweetie it's just new for me. Love him to pieces and miss him too but it is getting a little easier, God is doing a mighty work in his life.
Marching season has kicked off and the kids are doing GREAT!! We are amazed how well they're doing so early in the season.

We are also starting something very hard for us, but in the end I KNOW it will be a huge blessing to us and it will honor God. You see over the course of our marriage, we have failed miserably at one thing, money! Well over the last year or so we have been introduced to Dave Ramsey....yeah you know who I mean, Live like no one else so later, you can live like no one else. SO we are taking his FPU class at church and he is funny, and I can relate to him and how he is teaching this stuff, makes sense to me for the first time in my life! Now we are just praying that we can do ALL he asks of us, it is tough and we have had a few "that's not gonna work" moments which he said we would, but the future seems brighter...I have hope that we will be able to eventually fully fund an adoption fund for our little one waiting in China for us to bring her home in HIS timing. (God's that is not Dave's LOL) His name has become part of our daily lives, but he is a christian and is really I feel really helping. He gives The Lord all the glory and so I know that what he is teaching is biblical (I know that because I looked it up in the bible) So I am asking for prayer that we take each step of this new journey in a way that honors HIM who has begun a good work in us. There are so many positives to this in so many areas that I am excited!! My worries will be lifted and so will my financial burdens! Praise God! Anyway I know this is not a very spiritual blog today but this thing has really taken hold of my heart, so maybe it is spiritual, it is God's teaching to be good stewards with our money and that is finally what I think we can do...there is HOPE!! Thank you Lord and thanks Dave for listening to your calling and following what HE would have you do as well. Pray for us...we are only getting started and its tough! But oh the joy and rewards we will be able to share with others!! Keep lifting us up before The Father!