Monday, December 28, 2009

The Family

Christmas has come and gone like a whirlwind. I was not prepared for it and so it kinda snuck up on me. I know how does that happen when its the same time every year. I try to not think about it and the commercialization, that just breaks my heart. So my focus is totally on Jesus and what He has sacrificed and given to me. I was part of First Christmas again this year at our church and I have to tell you 2800 people came through and witnessed the gospel, that is completley amazing to me! Thank you Lord!! So why is it I have so much trouble getting into the spirit of Christmas? It use to be my favorite holiday. Now it just breaks my heart and I feel as I am always in a rush. We never buy alot of gifts (heaven knows I would love too) so its not that so much. I am not sure maybe its the idea this year that my dad has been gone 15 years just a few days before Christmas and my Mom is so sick that it makes me dread having another Christmas without her.

On another note, my kids were all here just hanging out and visiting with each other. We had our family pictures taken right before Christmas and they turned out beautiful!! I think that was my real present this year!! I even pulled in the rest of my family to get involved. We really had a lot of fun doing that. Then we went to eat and got the pictures back right after, framed and beautiful!! I am not sure when we will all be able to do that again but I am so thankful that in that time and place we were all together, healthy and able to just be there. :o) That truly is a gift from The Lord!

The kids are still playing games, doing models, sleeping in (they love sleeping in) and it feels normal. I know we will all have to get use to Ernie being gone again but that is life I suppose. They all seemed to like what they got for Christmas, I always worry if it really is enough and am I truly giving them the real meaning of Christmas, the best gift of Jesus and family. In the end the gifts will go away and years later they won't remember what they got, when. But I pray they hold on to Jesus and the love of this family, In the end its the only thing that lasts. Thank you God for your ultimate gift of your son in that manger surrounded by the least king like things, and even more for the sacrifice on the cross! My family knows You, loves You and serves You. How could I ask for anything more? Merry Christmas and a Blessed and Happy New Year from our home to yours. :)