Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back in the swing of things

Ok I confess, I have been a horrible blogger lately. Time just gets away from me and I am exhausted some days. I am going to try and publish once a week as an update if anything else for awhile.

On the home front, our sweet daughter graduated in May, boy was that a crazy time. Lots of joy and lots of friends stopping by to say their "good-bye's", "I love-you's" and "Wish you well's" I will try and post some pics of the graduate soon. It was emotional for me. We are close, very close, and the thought of another one of my sweet one's heading off into this big world, worried me. She won't be going to far though, only about 45 minutes away. College is doable by staying home and commuting. She will be attending The Art Institute and Majoring in Baking and Pastry. Sounds yummy huh? Can't wait to be her gunniea pig lol!! No honest she is an awesome baker and does lovely work already. This will just make her even better!! So excited for her!!

Our oldest son has moved out on his own this weekend actually. He is NOT staying close however, a 2.5 hr drive away. He promises to stay in touch and keep his worried Momma in the loop. He'll be close to school and close to friends and he is happy and excited. I am sure I will be on my knee's quite often for him! Life is tough this world can be tough, so I am just praying that God will guide each step and that He will be honored in that. After all Ernie belongs to Him anyway, right?

Tommy is doing good. He is officially a Senior now! (see why all the emotions, lots of changes really quick!) He and his sister are at Youth camp this week and I am sure I will hear tons of stories when they return (my fav part!) I also pray they fall deeper in love with Jesus! Tommy has hurt his foot and has been in a walking boot for a few weeks, and in a few more weeks will require surgery. So if you could, remember to pray for our sweet kiddo and this surgery. He is a bit worried. He has been through more invasive surgeries when he was little, but he does not remember those. He has been at band camp the past few weeks and has one more week of it when he returns from Youth camp. I just ask myself where does the time go??!! Really??!!

My hubby is doing great, working tons but he loves the second job! We are doing all we can to get ahead and plan for this adoption! I don't think my heart could take a home without children in it for very long.

 My job is going well too. I just love the kids so much!! I have had to take some time of this past week because of an injury but its healing nicely (finally!) and I will be back to work tomorrow!! God has been so good to us and we are so thankful for His provisions and love! There have been days when I have been an emotional wreck for one reason or another, but he is unwavering in His love for me! So thankful that He never changes!! I was thinking today as Ernie left, and my heart was aching, this what God felt when He sent Jesus to be with us?? The heartache knowing the life He would lead, but the joy in the ending? I know life will be hard at times for Ernie, if it isn't he isn't walking with Jesus. I know Satan leaves us alone if we are complacent and life seems easy, but as soon as we are all in it for Jesus, life can get difficult at times. So I have comfort today, knowing that maybe God felt a little of what my heart feels for my son, when He sent His Son to pay the ultimate price for our sin. Thank you Lord for loving me that much!! There is good news in our family as well, cannot wait to share but I haven't quite been given permission to do that yet, but as soon as I can I will!!! God is SOOOOO good!! Did I mention I love sweet little ones?! Thank you Lord for the blessings of children! My own, and others as well!!

Love and Ladybugs!!