Friday, November 11, 2011


 Hi there everyone! I know its been awhile so I am not even going to try and catch up, just maybe a quick one but other than that just moving forward! What have we been up to? Loads, but like I said a quick update! I have thought about this post for awhile. I have even thought of shutting my blog down for multiple reasons, 1 does anyone really read this or is it me just typing away to myself, and 2 some have posted some things on here that hurt me and although I am weary of that person reading my blog because I cannot stop that, I can however screen their comments, so that is what I have chosen to do. So those of you who do comment ever so sweetly thank you so much and please do not be offended by me looking over the comments first. I don't want anything on here that will hinder the purpose of this blog. That is why I decided to keep blogging. This blog is set up to honor God and share my faith and family and our adoption journey whenever it begins. I will not let that be hindered. OK enough about all that. Here is my post! :-)

 My kids are great! I though to myself today will ever stop calling them "kids" especially now that 2 are out doing their own thing and our youngest will graduate soon. Ernie is doing well, hard to keep up with him sometimes. Guess that's what life is like when you have an adult child. I do get random calls asking Mom questions, which really just make me laugh and remind me, there are times he still needs his mom, not always, but sometimes. Vickie is doing great as well, quite the little pastry student I might say! She always looks so cute when she leaves for class all dressed up in her chef uniform! I still look back and think "WOW that's my little girl all grown up into a beautifully talented young lady chasing her dreams!" I am so proud of her!!

 Tommy has had some set backs lately. Mostly because of his surgeries on his foot. Yes I said surgeries, plural! The boy had the first one taken care of and it SEEMED to be going alright, but, being Tommy he has to do things his way. He got a staph infection in the surgical site! So another surgery had to be done. And that was a huge setback for his senior year. Things he wanted to do he couldn't and was limited to. He is just struggling with it all. He is still under a dr's care for his foot. It is healing and he is able to finally use a regular shoe after 4 months but the incision sites are being monitored very carefully. He is on antibiotics still but its healing well. The kid is a riot on anesthesia, too funny! AND he remembers none of it, so of course we had to tease him. I love that boy so much and I am thankful God is taking care of him. He is making me worry about his future plans, I will not reveal those till he decides for sure, lets just say, my Mamma's heart will be praying constantly for him. He got some of his Senior stuff yesterday and was so excited. Just a reminder that my job as mom is ever changing. I know to be happy about it but I am sad as well. My life has been surrounded by sounds of children, then teens wandering my house. Now it will be empty and quiet. So I have slowly started to make the transition. I have found a new appreciation for my husband!

So let me tell you a little bit about my husband. He is my best friend, My soulmate, my confidant, my sounding board, my safe place. He loves me in spite of myself and my weaknesses. I do not know anyone who loves me more, or the way he does. I honestly in my entire life have never had someone love me unconditionally like he does, other than Jesus himself! So I am just gonna brag on my husband a bit. Some of you may know him, some may not. He is a wonderful person. He loves Jesus, his family, others and then himself. He will go out of his way to help anyone at anytime with anything he is capable of. I believe that is his spiritual gift. He has a servants heart. And he loves affection! A hug from his family, a pat on the back from his friends, or a hand shake. Those fill his love tank! The guy is amazing and I don't tell him enough. I am not sure he'll read this anyway but I am gonna say it. If it weren't for him I would not be the person I am today. Here is one reason why I love this guy!
Recently I had major surgery and he never left my side! Took 2 days off from work to stay with me at the hospital. He took care of me at home. I was on lots of restrictions, could barely sit up and he came over and put his arms around me and lifted me up to where I could sit up on the side of the bed. I had some set backs but he was there every step of the way. Since I was in bed for so long and off work he had to take care of EVERYTHING. Kids schedules, housework, grocery shopping (with coupons, which he hates to do) cooking, cleaning and not to mention going to work and doing his own crazy schedules as well. And during all that taking Tommy to the dr's to have his check-ups on his foot. He became both Mom and Dad for awhile.As soon as I was able to try and move and help he made me go back to bed and in his words "You just get better it takes time." I am doing much better and have taken most of the burden back on my own. There are still things I cannot do which makes me NUTS! I hate having to wait on someone to help me do things. For instance no lifting hardly anything or straining to hard. You know how hard that is as a Mom and virtual household manager?! Difficult! Especially since I am short and cannot reach anything anyway, I am use to stretching or even climbing sometimes to get what I need, but none of that, dr's orders! Think about all you do as a mom then limit that to about half! So I am very thankful for his help. At one time during my recovery Tommy and I were both down and we were quite a pair to look at. But Bud just kept at it and took care of us both! It could not have been easy for him but I am so thankful he loves us that much and is that type of godly man! I thank The Lord for him every single day of my life! I know we are about ready to move into the next phase of our lives together and I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us! Next Thursday we will celebrate 21 years of marriage! Here is to the next 21 years Angel! Where ever God leads us I will be right beside you! Where you go I'll go, Where you stay I'll stay, when you move I'll move, I will follow you! Your people shall be my people, and your God my God! I'll love you Forever Angel!!

So if you don't know my hubby at all there is a little peek into his heart, and if you do know him a little, well I hope this helps you know how big of heart he has! He would never do anything on purpose to hurt anyone, that truly is his heart! So there ya have it, there is my updated post! Thankful for my God who loves me enough to surround me with these wonderful people I call family! My kids, my hubby, my wonderful brother and Sis and sweet nephew, oh and that exciting news I hadn't caught you up with! My Bro and Sis are having another baby!!! I get to spoil him rotten along WITH my nephew! Father thank you for the gift of family, and of friends who are more like family than any family I have been given!! Thank you for our freedom in this nation and our freedom in Christ! May You be honored in my life. Next post, First Christmas!!! Right around the Corner. I will update soon!! 

Blessings and Ladybugs!!!