Thursday, July 26, 2012

It has been awhile.

Seems I keep starting these posts with that lately. Life has been busy but it is going really well! Tommy graduated and has spent most of his summer being a high school graduate! It's refreshing! All the kids are doing well.

We have watched God do wonderful things in a dear friends life this past year and I am always in awe of how MUCH He loves us! No matter what we go through, when life is tough, He is always there! I have watched her struggle through things that I just wanted to take from her but, I knew God would use her story to bring Him glory and indeed that is what He is doing. I will ask permission from her to link her blog here so that you all may enjoy this journey He has her on. It is remarkable! Love it when He just shows up!

On my end of things, God has blessed me as well, with a great job! You know when you pray for patience? (Don't EVER do that, because He take you serious) He tends to answer that prayer. I prayed for patience last April after all the crazy job hunting. I just wanted a job that would honor Him. One that would bring me back into the business field again after being out of it for quite a few years. One that would eventually take us to China and our sweet baby girls! This time I do believe God has honored that request! Thanks to my dear friend again, I found out about the job opening. With her help and prayers and God's answer, I started the job in early June. I love it! Really! It's close to home and it's in the business world again and I have my confidence back! God is putting things in place, one step at a time, to walk us to China! (Well not really walk, we will want to fly when the time comes!)

 I write this blog to remember all the things He has done along the journey. To refresh my memory when I get sad and miss our girls, somewhere, waiting, on their forever family to bring them home. Do they wonder if there will ever be someone to take them home? Do they have that longing in their heart like I do just to see their faces? I know God will one day bring us together. I have Faith!! I have Trust!! and I have Hope!!! God is in all things and does all things to bring Him glory!! Father use me to whatever extent you need that will fulfill your purpose for my family while we are here on earth. Help us to share Your love to others. If nothing else I want to be known as a person who loves Jesus with all her heart and was not afraid to share Him with others! "In God who's word I praise. In God I trust. I will not be afraid." Psalm 56:4.  Use me Lord and help me to always have faith and Hope. :) Because Hope reflects belief. Hope believes in the better, in the higher, in the possibilities. Hope rejects cynicism. People with a higher level of hope believe that though events may not work out they will not be defeated. Hope is the dream of a soul awake! I am awake and I will cling to Hope!! Thank you Father for all the things you give us in this life, good and bad. I know You are in them all!! Praise Your Name!! Friends, if you have just joined us on this journey, welcome. If you have been with us all along, then just hang out. God is always up to something. Always unfolding His plans! Jeremiah 29:11!!

Lots of love and ladybugs :)