Tuesday, January 29, 2013

While In The Waiting

I guess I have been absent for awhile! Well I am back and instead of catching you up I am just going to go forward. I have decided that I need to put down what God has been telling my heart before I forget. Because we are a very forgetful people. He blesses us, we praise Him, then we forget! We have this awesome God who takes care of all our needs but when we get into this mess of "life", we forget what He has brought us through. So I am going to try and blog as much as possible because I do NOT want to forget His goodness!

The hubby and I are moving in a direction that we truly see God's hand in. He has brought us through some things these past few months that we have been fighting our whole marriage. Just junk, you know the kind, the stuff you THINK you are stuck with. He just got a hold of us and said, it's time to let me have it and move forward in a positive way. Oh how HE loves us!! It's not an easy journey but its one that needed to be done. Is any journey worth doing, easy? It is preparing us for MUCH bigger things!! :)

As you all know we sponsor this sweet little girl Hope at An Orphan's Wish that we are just crazy about. Every time we get an update our hearts soar. We continue to pray that she will find her forever family and that her life in the orphanage will end with a beautiful family to love her. That has been our prayer through everything she has gone through. She is sure growing beautiful!

I had just read an update to my hubby and showed him her updated photo's late one Saturday night and he smiled sweetly at her in that fatherly kind of way, and said she is adorable. The next morning while standing in church our pastor had mentioned that if anyone felt a burden or needed to pray about something to just come down front to one of our pastors. We began to sing our worship music and my family really loves to worship, but something wasn't right with the hubby. He just stood there kind of still and wasn't singing a word. He whispered something in my ear that I could barely hear. He said I think we need to pray for Hope. I said sure but we always pray for Hope. He said "I know just pray with me." Which he is pretty quiet about his prayer life, not one to just bust that out. So him, our daughter and I stood right there by our seats and prayed. But the words he prayed were not just any words. They were direct words from God. Now we are continuing to pray to see where this leads. But the hubby didn't even remember praying these words. Our daughter and I heard them clearly. He prayed, "Lord, I want to pray for Hope, that you would find her family and bring her home to them, I know in my heart that she is our daughter ( my ears perked WAY up and I began to weep) Lord we ask that you move whatever obstacles that may be in the way so that one day we may adopt her...and his prayer went on, he asked in the mighty name of Jesus and we closed the prayer. But he was NOT done! He felt such a burden that he went down front and prayed with one of our pastors. Now you have to know something. He is a quiet man about these sort of things, we talk privately and when he needs to share in Sunday School he does, but he is not one to share something like this unless he is sure! I was so emotionally excited that he got a word from God. He went down front and the pastor he prayed with actually is an adoptive dad himself. Only God friends only God!! They prayed for Hope and all that may entail. God is SO good! We do not know God's plan, but we don't have too. We just have to listen and follow it when he reveals each step.

Adoption has been burdening me a lot lately. The horrible news that came out of Russia broke my heart! So I have felt this urgency, about so many things about adoption. Ever since my hubby heard from God, I have been bombarded once again with things about adoption and so has he. This time feels different. After the storm we have been through and coming out with God's help this feels different. I am praying daily for wisdom to seek His will. That is what we want HIS will. It has been HUGE things everyday for the past two weeks. From people that you would not expect the word "adoption" to come out of their mouths. It makes my laugh out loud at God, going look I can use those people too! He is SO good. Now we have not began anything and Hope is not even up for adoption. But I know my God can and will do what it takes to fulfill His plans. So would you pray for us? That we would just be open to His voice, that He would make things crystal clear as to what we are supposed to do. That whatever He asks, we will step out in faith without hesitation? We will be praying these things as well. I don't know where we are headed, I do know if God is going, we are going with Him!! One step at a time, one foot in front of the other!

Please pray for us and as our story unfolds, we will share what God is doing!

Lots of love and Ladybugs! :)