Friday, June 26, 2009

Hot Summer Days

This week our kids have been at Youth Camp. We had this week planned of all we wanted to do (minus work, which we both still had to do), but the heat has overtaken our town and it is just SO hot out that we just want to sit in some air conditioning after being in and out of the heat all day. Needless to say our week alone has not produced much excitement. We have talked a lot! Which is hard sometimes with three kids running everywhere, ya don't always get a chance to breathe sometimes let alone talk. We have been shocked at the news lately with all the celebrities dying, not that we were attached to any of these people, but to watch the country change all their focus onto this is shocking. I am a believer that God is first and He is to be our only focus that takes us away from everyday life. Just shocked I guess!

We did have a wonderful conversation about China! My husband and I so desire to add to our family through adoption from China! God has promised us this years ago. First a whisper, then a nudge and then an out right verbal command! ASK me about it sometime, its remarkable! So we prayed and talked with our then middle school and elementary age children (now whom all our in High School or going off to college) and asked them what they thought. There was NO hesitation they would LOVE to have a baby sister from China, and to this day they feel the exact same way! We pray and we wait and we watch, but still God says "Be Still and Know That I am God! I have all this prepared for you." Trust me I have tried to jump ahead of His plans but He stops me in my tracks. So the other day during our conversation (my hubby and I) he asked me this? "Don't you think it's about time to get things in order so we can bring our daughter home from China?" Normally he just waits on me to get things going, but I was so relieved to know he was thinking about this and really wanted me to be happy and headed towards that long wait of adoption. I have always told my friends who are in the middle of the waiting process to go get their daughter from China, this, I am praying for you that your days are short but know this I would give ANYTHING to be in the middle of that waiting with you, instead of wondering when will we ever begin. So my hubby is ready for a plan!! You don't understand he procrastinates about everything and never really plans much, so for him to be ready for a plan makes my heart soar!!! So this weekend when the kids come home we are going to sit down as a family (because they are old enough now to do this with us) and plan our "plan". We are praying that God will be in it and He will guide are steps, that THIS will be the time He has in His wisdom. Will it be easy? Absolutely NOT!! Will we sacrifice? You bet! Will it be worth it? Oh to hold her picture in our hand and begin the wait....Absolutely!! Our daughter is waiting not yet born I know, but nevertheless, she is Waiting for her forever family to bring her home and share the love of Jesus with her, and who knows how many she will be able to share it with as well! We want to leave a legacy! Keep you posted! Off to get my kiddo's this afternoon and give them a great big Mom hug and tell them how much I LOVE them and miss them!!

Love, Me