Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Different Birthday

Yesterday was an odd day for me. You see yesterday was the first birthday of Ernie's that he has not been here to celebrate. Not because he was busy just because he is not home anymore. I was somewhat distracted about this fact yesterday, doing pretty well I thought, until about midday.

We were at Vickie's very first WGI contest (for those of you who have no clue what I am talking about don't feel bad I had to learn the lingo too) WGI is a national circuit for Winter Guard, known as Winter Guard International. You have to be pretty good to be able to participate in this circuit, they are all over the nation and as you do well you are moved up nationally. Yesterday was a regional competition. She did WONDERFUL!! Didn't go to finals but still did great for their very first time on the circuit. There show is "SMILE" and it is SO much fun!! I was really enjoying myself other than the normal uncomfortableness of sitting on wooden bleachers for hours at a time, just goes with the territory though, fun anyhow.  So we were in the third round of her division probably the 20th guard that day and this song comes on that I have heard a hundred times. Its called Get here if you can. Now if you don't know me I LOVE music and I really relate to music! So I start listening to the song and watching the guard and they have these props in the back of the gym. Its sort of a backyard hanging laundry on the line set, So they unveil the first "sheet" and it is of a navy boy and his mom, the words are starting to get at me at this time, then the next "sheet" is revealed its of a grandpa and his toddler granddaughter, just sweet but the tears begin to come a little more, the final one was of a graduate in her cap and gown hugging her mom with the biggest smile on her face, by this time I am crying like a baby as the words of the song say, "I don't care how you get here, just get here if you can." Took me by surprise and really tugged at my heart. Its a beautiful song really.

But yesterday Ernie was 19 and at college celebrating his birthday without his family, he couldn't get home this weekend, so as a Mom away from her child for the very first time on his birthday it just made me sad. See birthdays are a big deal at our house. A special made dinner and a special made cake and of course some fun and gifts. I try to make it special because it is always a very special day. God put you here on this earth on that special day to touch every persons life that you come in contact with. That should be celebrated. I never felt like that when I was a kid but I know how important it is for people to know how special and important they are and what a miracle they are. God made them unique and special in every single way for His purpose. Celebrate what God has done!!! I didn't get to celebrate that the way we normally do with Ernie. Yet God is good and did take care of him, surrounded him with a very special person so he would know he was still special, and of course we bugged him a 100 times yesterday too!!! :) He will be home soon and we will celebrate properly. It just felt different. He is definitely in God's hands, this was totally out of my Mom control, ya know what I mean? God makes me let go sometimes when I don't really want to. I am so aware of the wonder and amazement He has for each of us, and yet I worry. I just have to hang on to His word and know that He has the very BEST for our family in His hands. So Lord once again you get the glory for all the things you are doing in our lives! Do with it as You will, its always the best anyway. And Happy 19th Birthday to our wonderful Son! Thank you for always taking care of him....oh and guess what? Next Saturday, another birthday in the family, Vickie will be 17! Where does the time go????? Thank you Lord for your beauty in her life and all the wonderful things you have in store for her as well!! Jeremiah 29:11 and Psalm 139!! What beautiful chilrdren are gifts from the Father above, let that always be in the front of my mind and in my heart