Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Birthday Wishes

Today was my birthday. And I have to say I was floored today. Not by presents or cake or anything like that. You see I was floored by the out pouring of love I received. Let me explain...

When I was young my birthday was never made a big deal. I always wanted some fancy parties or just some attention from my family that I was special. There were only two times I can ever remember even having a party or cake. Once when I was 7, I got a sleepover with my soccer team. Unfortunately we were throwing pillows in the house and I broke something very important of my mom's so the night did not end well for me. The other time was my 16th birthday. My Mom made a cake and put a white seal with a balloon tied around its neck. I also had family over for that. The best part of that one is a memory I will NEVER forget, My husband (well he was not my hubby then lol) asked me to date him that day. So as of today we have been together 21 years! Other than that we as kids were not made a big deal over for anything. Not birthdays, maybe one Christmas, not Graduation, not really even our weddings. We planned those and took care of everything ourselves. So I got use to not having birthdays be a big deal.

When we had kids I made a point to make sure they had something important on their birthday or right around it. They have had tons of different things and party themes. Probably a lot of waste of money but it didn't matter, THEY did!! I never wanted them to ever feel they were not important to us, or to this world or to anyone else for that matter. I remind them daily how special they are and how important they are to everyone and to God and how much they are loved. So that is one thing I have changed for the better for my kids. Now I have never really went overboard with it, there are lessons to be learned as well as knowing your loved unconditionally at the same time. :)

Sorry way off  track but wanted you to know that about our kids. I don't normally talk about me on here but this was something God did today. You see I am the party planner and event, calendar coordinator in the family. If something needs done in that manner I am normally the one to do it. Nothing against the hubby, he is just not wired that way. Although he does get coaxing from our daughter. Now don't get me wrong, he LOVES me with all his heart and unconditionally. But birthday parties are not really his thing to plan. He has pulled one over on me once but I am SURE he had help with that one, ;) So today was no different, no party, no presents, no big deal. But I did get to spend most of the day with him so that always makes my heart full. However the blessing I received today was not from him so much. It was from my facebook friends....

You see apparently my birthday showed up on the side of their home page this morning and maybe yesterday as well. Now when those things pop up you don't HAVE to tell the person Happy Birthday (although I find myself not being able to resist wishing someone sweet wishes on the day God sent them to be here for His glory) so its the individuals choice to say Happy birthday or not. Let me tell you I never realized how many people really care about me. I am very humble 95% of the time so I really had no idea. The birthday wishes just kept pouring in throughout the day and I found myself at the end of the day just praising God for every wish that came across. My heart was SO SO full that I just began to cry. Yes those who know me know I cry at anything that gives me a warm fuzzy but this was different, this was like God had each of you pour your sweet words into the wounded parts of my heart that I forgot were wounded. Like He was saying, all those b-days you didn't feel important, I saw, and I was there and I just want you to know I was loving on you through all of them.

So I just need to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wishes. I have never felt SO very loved before! Thank you for being Jesus to me today! As my sweet Southern Paw Paw (who I lost way to early) use to say.....My Cup runneth over! I can never say thank you enough. I know that some of you have been with me for a long time, and some of you are newer friends to me, but each of you holds a very special place in my heart. Even if you didn't get a chance to say Happy Birthday to me, I still appreciate your friendship, for that's the stuff that unconditional Love is made of. I pray you will continue to walk with me through this journey of life, and our journey of adoption. Thank you and I love you very very VERY much!!

My Cup runneth over!
Blessings and Ladybugs (yes I DID see one today!) God is good!!