Saturday, June 5, 2010

Some Fun!

OK So I have always been the type of mom that wanted my kids neat and clean for the most part. Yes they were allowed to play and get dirty when they were younger, but no mud pie parties or anything like that. If you ask my friends, they will agree with me when I say, I am a neat freak. SO this should come to a HUGE surprise to most of you!
 See how neat and clean they are??

Last Wednesday night at church the youth group decided to have a planned food fight. Told the kids to wear their old clothes. Now I thought that meant you know some food thrown around like cream pies and things and I was OK with that. It would wipe down no problem and I thought they would have fun with that. I did cringe a bit but they are older and can handle this right???This is what I got when I arrived back at the church

That would be Ernie covered in Ketchup and flour and not sure what else!

Vickie with vanilla pudding, flour, ketchup and I think cake! She looks sad but she was having a ball don't let her fool ya! She posed for this!

Now Tommy has EVERYTHING on him! Eggs, pickle juice plus what the other two had on them and mustard and maple syrup. Let me tell ya he was a MESS!!

This was the very end of the night! Look behind them at the parking lot!

So being the weird Mom I am I laughed like crazy and then thought, oh goodness they have to ride home with me!!!! They smelled horrible and were covered in this gunk! Not so funny anymore..OK maybe still a little funny. They had a ball! Look at sis in this pic she is giving the thumbs up, and Ernie is smiling like crazy! Someone rigged a water gun up with a pop bottle and squirted everyone with that!. However much fun they were having I HAD to figure a way to get them home. This was one of those days I thought to when I was a kid how we'd just hop in the back of a truck and ride home, to bad they can't do that now. So I had to come up with a compromise. They were to be hosed down and get the big gunk off. I was smart enough to bring towels and stuff to clean them up with and have them sit on in the van. So the boys ditched the shoes shirt and hats and hosed off the shorts not to bad huh? (I had a giant trash bag for them to put all their stuff in) BUT Sis could not ditch her shirt (obviously!) so she got two towels. One to wrap in one to sit on. I did not want that stuff on my seat belts either. Oh how they smelled! So when I got her home I hosed her off with our high pressure hose and managed to clean her up pretty well. They all headed to the shower. Waiting one at a time in the garage till the shower was open for the next. Did they have fun? YOU bet!! And I maintained my calm demeanor through the whole thing! Those who know how I use to flip out at these things, You would have been proud of me!! Normally this stuff is not fun for me but I do believe they made a memory. In the end nobody was hurt and everyone washed up fine and no harm was done. I remained relaxed for the most part just seeing my kids smiling faces, after all they ARE kids. See God is teaching me patience and I am learning quick! Maybe when our little Ladybug comes home she can play in mud pies and I will be fine with it, then again.....maybe not! :)

Blessings and Ladybugs!