Tuesday, June 1, 2010

End of the Year and God's Faithfulness

Ever had one of those days when God just shows up BIG?! Well we had one of those today! It is the end of the school year around here and there are points of time that I go into "let's make sure we have everything in order" mode, other wise know as panic mode! There are tuxes and choir robes to be cleaned and turned in, last minute assignments due, last day "food days" (which seems to happen more than just on the last day recently) and tons of other things to worry about and get taken care of. I tend to run around like a chicken with my head cut off making sure everything is done. Today however was not a run around day, but a "Thank you Lord for all your blessings!" day.

My youngest son earlier in the year applied to go to the Career and Technology Center (CTC) for some hands on education in the Auto Mechanics field. So what he would do is go half a day at his regular High School and the other half at CTC to study auto mechanics. After this two year program he would go to college and get his degree in this field. The program prepares him for this particular field gets his basic stuff out of the way and some other things as well. (FYI Our daughter already is in this program doing Culinary Arts, she wants to go to Culinary school to be a pastry chef after she graduates next spring) Well the school takes kids from five different High Schools so there are only so many slots open. We got a notification a few weeks after the enrollment and interview that he did not make it in the program but was on the waiting list. So we have been praying. He is really good with his hands and LOVES working on cars.

About mid April his counselor called him into the office and said that he was third on the list to get in and she would keep him posted. A week or so later she called him in and said he was at the top of the list, so just to hang on and wait some. Early May she called him in and said congratulations you have made it into the morning session (they have a morning and afternoon session). He was bummed, he had to tell her I cannot take that session because his band class is only offered 1st hour and this is something he has committed to till he graduates. She understood but wasn't sure what more she could do. She said if there was any change she would let him know. Tommy was upset. I told him just because he didn't get in the program did not mean he couldn't be a mechanic, we would just have to pray to see if this is what God really wants for him. He agreed and has been quiet ever since. The thing is if you do not get into the program your Junior year, most likely they will not take you your Senior year because you would be a year behind. Tomorrow is the last day of school and they are doing finals this week. So CTC is closed now for the summer. I know this because our daughter only has half days this week (for the classes she has at her own High School) So we just figured that God did not want Tommy to do this right now. I already had picked Vickie up earlier in the day and so I had to make two trips to the H.S. this afternoon. When I got there Tommy's face was kind of sad and hanging low. I asked what was wrong and he said (remember he is our practical joker) "Your never gonna guess what happened today" with the saddest look on his face. I was like "oh goodness what happened???" He looked up at me with the biggest grin on his face and said, almost yelling, "I got into CTC afternoon session!!" Needless to say we were pretty dog gone happy!! I said "How, what happened?" He said there was a lady at CTC (the counselor over there) that happened to be in the office and was reviewing files and realized they had an opening for him. She called quickly this morning over to Tommy's counselor to let her know the good news. Both my kiddo's will be at CTC next year doing what God has called them both to do. I just love how He keeps them together accomplishing His will. God had already taken care of him, he just wanted to teach him some patience. God showed up! He is so faithful, but that is not all......

Sis had been fretting over a class for the last two weeks. She had struggled in it most of the semester and just didn't know how well she would do in it. We even took her to a local museum downtown about 30 minutes from here for extra credit. That helped, some. But it all relied on her final that she took today. She has been praying about this class, well so was I. I was just as worried as she was, because she normally does NOT worry about her grades. So when I picked her up mid morning, she was smiling, with great news! She had done well in that class!!! God showed up! Still not done.......

Late last week our oldest son had an issue with something at college. I won't go into that detail because that is his story. This was something that needed heavy heavy prayer. I was worrying and fretting what to do. I hadn't told my hubby what was going on because our son had asked me not to. He wanted to be the one to tell him. He had called on Friday to try to work it out but with no luck. The one gentleman he had talked to didn't give him much hope, except for one tiny word he had said to him. He also told him he needed to talk to his advisor about it. He got a hold of his advisor but he had went on vacation for the next two weeks. This was not something that could wait two weeks. Later that night I was reading my bible and I just felt God asking me to turn to Isaiah. I went there and He gave me the perfect word I needed and somehow I knew that everything was going to be alright. I had talked to Ernie about it and showed him the verse and he said that he had the same feeling. We know not to completely trust our feelings because they are not always accurate but we had a peace about all this. I told him if he did not find out something by today that I had to tell his dad because I do not keep things from him. He understood. So he called the school today and talked to the registrar and he informed him that everything had been taken care of last Tuesday and it just hadn't been updated on the computer yet! The two of us had prayed all weekend and just trusted that God had this all under control, and you know what? He did! He had it taken care of before we ever began to pray. He knew what he needed before he needed it. It was a lesson in faith. I have to tell you as soon as Ernie got off the phone with the registrar and told me the news. I just hugged him and cried and thanked God right there with tears running down my cheeks, for His faithfulness! Believe me friends, when God calls you to something, nothing will detract Him from getting His will done. He has called Ernie to be a pastor and just keeps moving the mountains out of his way to accomplishing that. God showed up HUGE today in our family!!! But guess what? STILL not done.

 Forgive me for the length of this post but when He shows up, He does it BIG! I have a confession to make. I have had a hard time with something the last few months and I shouldn't have. I tried to let it go but sometimes Satan like us to hold on to our anger. There were times I was fine and it would subside, but then it would rear its ugly head again. But this evening, Our God so lovingly did something so beautiful through just a conversation that it healed my anger and frustration before I even heard him whisper to me to work it out. He kept nudging me to just go love on someone, and it took a few minutes but I did it, and my heart was healed instantly!! Thank you Lord for healing something that I should have never had in my heart to start with. There is more room in there for YOU now!! I just know you are making me complete one little tiny thing at a time. Friends, just know when your going through the Storms of life, God has not left you there alone. He is right there with you guiding the boat through the rough waters. He will never ever leave you! Thank you Lord from the bottom of my heart and soul, for showing up in all our lives today!!! Once more, Jeremiah 29:11! "I know the plans I have for you," declares The Lord, "Plans to prosper and not to harm you, to give you HOPE, and a future!"  Amen Father, Amen!!

Blessings and Ladybugs!