Thursday, July 22, 2010

God's blessings are abundant

I have been wanting to share this for awhile but I had to make SURE it was really happening. Someone pinch me because I cannot believe it! Let me try and explain this without making this SO long that everyone drifts off. God is bigger than we can even think or imagine. So I will try to downsize it as best as I can without taking the praise away from Him.

Earlier this spring, an opportunity came to us by pure chance, well now we know it wasn't chance it was GOD! There was a close friend of mine (Hey Jenny!) who had a friend who was trying to sell their house. It is a beautiful house and something I have only dreamed of. I told Jenny we weren't ready to buy a house quite yet but I would drive by and look at it. She told her friend that we would like to buy again someday. So her friend contacted me, and I explained the situation and she understood. I said maybe we could rent it but there is no way we are ready to buy quite yet. Well she talked to her hubby, he liked the idea and said they would talk about it. Jenny had said that it would be cool if we could rent it from them too. It was kind of her idea too.

Well of course we prayed about it and reminded God we were headed for adoption and did not want to go anywhere He didn't want us and that didn't lead us to China. I kept praying, the more I prayed the more I kept thinking of this house, and wonderful it would be for our daughter to come home there but I didn't want that if HE did not want us to have it. So after awhile my hubby and her hubby talked things out and it just didn't seem to work out for them. I understood. I was confused that when I prayed I asked God to take the thoughts of that house out of my head if He didn't want us to have it, and somehow they kept popping in there. I was confused but again I thought OK Lord we were not suppose to be there, I understand, that is NOT the path to China. I was completely OK with it all, content, not upset a bit.  I know I discussed this on this blog about a door being closed. This was that door. The house would have given us enough room for our China doll and more kiddo's if that were ever the case, so I guess I was sorta stopped in my tracks. I knew however that if God called us to this He would provide whatever means necessary to get us there. Whether this house was involved or not.

Fast forward a few weeks ago. I got a call from Jenny's friend, who is quickly becoming our friend too now. She said that she had an idea wondered if we would be interested. So I called her back and wouldn't ya know it. They had worked some things out and still wanted us to rent this house with the hopes of buying it soon. I wanted to tell everyone right then, but I waited. I had prayed about this for so long earlier this spring and the door closed so I was not gonna just jump right into it. I prayed even more now and I really finally left the decision up to my husband. I knew he didn't have an emotional investment in this so it would be better if he made the decision alone. Boy was that hard, not putting my two cents in. He talked with his men's bible study group and asked them to pray and I had friends of mine praying. We talked to people who care about us and love us to get their opinion and bounce things off of them. Everyone was saying yes, do this! I have to tell ya, I really just left my hubby completely alone about this. I knew that if God wanted us to have this, and this truly was the way we were to go for China, then He would surely put it on his heart. About a week later he finally sat down with me and said, "Honey we should do this, I just feel God telling us to do this and with lots of counsel from others I feel this is the right thing to do." I was so stinking happy and yet so scared out of my mind.

I was not prepared to move, we are in the middle of band camp and school starts in a few weeks, so our schedule is hectic and then to up and move the whole house in the midst of this was crazy. Oh and did I mention the guys leave on Sunday to go to scout camp for 10 days? Some other things have happened in the last couple days that has prompted us to move quicker than expected. I took a look at our busy schedule and decided the only weekend we could possibly move in the next few months would be the first weekend of August. Yes that is just a few weeks away! Am I crazy? well ya just a bit, but you do not understand marching season, it gets crazy busy all the way up till the end of October. Normally I am so stressed at moving I freak out a bit. I have moved so many times in my life I cannot begin to count them, and they always stress me out. This, this is different. I am not stressed about anything. We called our new friends and they were fine with the move in date. We even found someone who was giving away free boxes, so God took care of that too. Everything seems to be working out very smoothly. I wonder if I should worry. Then I remember my prayers from earlier. Lord if this is what you want, please work out all the details, and He has indeed! And I still continue to pray if this is not where you want us to go please close the door now. He has left it wide open. I could almost weep. Well I have the last couple days at His majesty!

See I have to tell you a little thing about me. I have never lived in a place that was simply beautiful. We had some nice places growing up and a few when we got married but nothing that when I looked at it thought "WOW that is beautiful!" and I have always been OK with that. I am a simple humble girl. Never grew up with much but I had love. I have always felt I didn't deserve much either. I am not sure why maybe it was because never having much makes you appreciate the things you did have. So to be offered such a beautiful home I truly feel we do not deserve it. We have not earned it, nor could we ever. It is too good to be true. So I keep waiting for God to close the door to this blessing. He has remained standing with it wide open. I truly truly still feel we don't deserve it. We have messed up enough in life to see our mistakes and still reel from living from some of them. It is hard. On one hand I feel we have to earn things by works. So this we have not yet worked to get. Somehow though God keeps reminding me of His grace. He reminds me, I have covered your sin a long time ago, stop holding on to it and let it go. Your sins are as far away as the east is from the west because I have paid them for you. Stop beating yourself up about it. I am offering you grace, mercy and forgiveness, please take it.

I am doing the best I can to accept His gift of grace and mercy. I have never had someone love me SO much! So in a few short weeks we will take the huge blessing God has handed us and use it to honor Him in every way we can. Will it lead to China? I am praying it does. But if He has other plans for us I will follow HIM wherever He leads. Because His grace is enough! and His blessings are abundant for those who love Him and serve Him!

Father I pray right now that you help us to use this gift to further your kingdom and may You and our new friends not be disappointed in anything we may do. Let it all be for your glory! Walk with us each step of the way so that we stay on your plans path. Thank you Lord for always staying with us and carrying us when we cannot go on any further on our own. I pray you bless our new sweet friends abundantly beyond their wildest dreams. Thank you Father for all your plans. Plans to prosper and not to harm us to give us HOPE and a future, and China someday!! Thank you for the place that will be our new home in just a few weeks!! 

Your blessings are so abundant

Always thankful for Your love and sacrifice and your overflowing blessings!!!!

Truly blessed today, and lots of ladybugs :)