Friday, October 15, 2010

No I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth

Wow I just checked the date of the last time I blogged and I am shocked!! I have not fallen off the face of the earth, we have just had some changes going on around our home. Wish I could say they were adoption related and maybe in some small scheme of God's plan they are, but right now just not seeing that here.

About a month ago I got a call from my Mom. Her health is very poor and so the dr's were checking her out. She had been having more chest pain than she normally has, so once again they went to run another Angiogram (they go in through the main artery in your leg up to your heart and check things out) Our family has been dealing with some sort of heart issues since we were kids. Dad first had a rare heart disease and lived longer than any dr expected but sadly still to short at the age of 44 the heart disease just got the best of him. Not to long before that Mom had a heart attack and her right coronary artery was blocked. They did not want to do surgery at that time. Over the years she has just dealt with it as best as she could, but after multiple stents in the left side the dr's were concerned about this ongoing chest pain. Mind you she has MULTIPLE other diseases wrong with her so it just complicates any surgery that she may be a candidate for, which at this point was NONE! Her body could just not handle it. So when she called after the last angiogram and said they were going to do open heart surgery, I about flipped, then I panicked and then I cried. Life has been hard enough with only one parent but the thought of losing the other one just sent me into a tizzy. I just kept reminding myself God has a plan in all of this. If its her time to be with Him then we would get through it together. The dr even told her this was a risky surgery for a person with all her medical issues, the biggest fear besides making it through was her having a stroke during the surgery. That they would not know the results of till after she would be taken off the ventilator.

So the day of surgery arrived and we all surrounded her and told her how much we loved her and that she was in God's hands and everything would be fine. She insisted on however telling each one of us good-bye. My kids were scared to be honest, but they are old enough and they understood. So the surgery began and we waited...and waited...and waited. A nurse would come out every hour to give us updates, and my brother and I were just waiting to hear the worst. But it never came! Praise GOD!! He brought her through the surgery quicker than expected, she got off the ventilator quicker than expected, and out of ICCU quicker than expected. You know what kind of God we serve? An awe inspiring King of the world, mountain moving, great BIG God!!! She had not one sign of a stroke and everything looked great.

While in the hospital my brother and I discussed with her the options of when she was released. What should she do, where should she go? After much discussion and prayer on our part, she chose to come live with us. It really is the best option for her, she cannot stay alone and where she was before was a detriment to her health. So it has been hard around here, getting use to all these things and medical care she needs. God has given me strength and everyone has pitched in to help me out. Ya know what? She just got reports back this past week that she is doing better than she has in years! Did I mention she is only 60? She has a very hard time getting around and taking care of herself but thats why I believe God brought her here with us. She really looks great! Incision is healing well, she is slowly building the muscles back up in her chest. She is eating better and taking her medicine like she is suppose to (28 prescriptions mind you) I don't feel like a nurse to her just a daughter who loves her Mom and wants her to be taken good care of. I keep reminding her God has a purpose for her life. He is not through with her yet, and He gave her a second lease on life, use it for His glory and just SEE what He has in store for her.

So friends if you could pray for her and for us in all the adjustments that would be wondeful. I am exhausted but I know God is preparing me for the adoption somehow through this. I love how He uses practical daily things to prepare you for the future. Thank you Lord for helping Mom through all this. All praise and glory goes to You! Continue to prepare us for all you have planned for us. We will praise You through it all!

Blessings and LOTS of ladybugs :)