Monday, March 21, 2011

Being Real

This adoption subject stirs something in me as a mom that I need to clear up. Maybe its the protection part of me, maybe its not I am not sure but I feel like God is leading me to be real and be clear. 

First way back in 2004 I was going along, raising my kids, who at the time were 10,11 and 13. (Yes that makes them 20,18 and 16 now) when I was completely excited about my friends who were adopting. It was sweet and a great thing but it was not for me. I was the mom of 3 busy kids who could no longer have anymore of our own because of the harm it would bring to myself. I was completely ok with that, we were done having kids. I had come to grips with that a long time before that. Know this though I have always LOVED kids, and been involved in all kinds of organizations that involve kids. It's where my heart is. Well God had plans I never knew about and He was about to start revealing those plans to me. So as I watched one friend struggle through the waiting to bring her daughter home from China, I began to pray for her and her family, and God stirred something inside my heart. 

As I watched and waited for the two of my sweet friends who went to China together and finally got to bring home their daughters I was so excited and praising God for walking with them during all this. See this is not a story of us wanting more children or trying to do something because someone else was, this is a story of faith, and obedience. God was calling us to something and we had better start listening. Have you ever been in a situation that you knew God was calling you to and you thought it was crazy? Well that's how I thought. I even argued with Him about it, yes I did, I am ashamed to admit that, but I did. The thing is the more I tried to ignore Him, the louder He became, till He literally spoke to my stubborn head one day sitting at work. I swore I heard someone talking to me and I had headphones on listening to Focus on The Family. I pulled off the headphones and looked around my area and no one was talking, just working like crazy on their computers, just like I was. And then all the hair on my entire body stood up as I finally understood, the voice was God, and He said CHINA!! Now how ya gonna walk away from that and ignore Him anymore? So I prayed! I talked to my husband and prayed some more. I told God that if He wanted us to do this then He was gonna have to lay it on my husbands heart as well. And that is exactly what He did.

Now years have passed and I have wondered if I was crazy back then, but God has been preparing me, my heart, my family, my husband, and I pray those around me. See He was unfolding His plans for me, just like those in the bible He had plans for. He took His time till all I could think of and all I wanted to do was to help the orphans who didn't have families. It is a constant burden on my heart and I cry daily about it. Have you ever felt such passion for something, but it let up? Or maybe it didn't and you followed where it went. Well that's what we are FINALLY doing. Following where God is leading us. We did not ask for this, but God is calling us to do it. Am I the perfect person to do this? No way! I have so much sin and so much to work on in my life to be able to do this perfectly. Understand this though, God is NOT calling me to do this perfectly. He is asking us to trust Him! Follow Him and trust Him!! Here is the real thing He is revealing to us. Our one weakness (and some of you who know us, know what that is) He is using to make us strong. Everyone of has a weakness and just like Moses, God can use that weakness for His glory. I do believe that is exactly what He is doing. Can you imagine as believers if we came to Him after we had all our "stuff" cleaned up, what we would've looked like? If we had it all together, why would we need Him? I promise you right here, I am far from having it all together, and I need my Savior, my Jesus to clean me up daily. Some things He doesn't have to do that for but the one thing I struggle with, that right there, keeps me on my knees praying and needing Him ALWAYS!! 

Now I am not asking you to adopt, although there are 143 million orphans who need loving families to raise them. I am not even asking you to understand this completely, heaven knows I don't always understand. What I am asking is that you approach us delicately about this. This is our hearts desire. These children (how ever many God has waiting for us) are our children! They have been before time began. I do want to throw this out there for you. If you're children were abandoned and alone no matter where they were, wouldn't you do all in your power and that of heaven to bring them safely where they belong, HOME?! That is all we are doing. We love these children, we cannot help it. They are part of our daily conversations and part of our prayers and our lives. I will defend them in a heart beat just like if someone did something to our almost grown kiddo's. We are their parents! Its just a matter of getting them here. Know I say this with the deepest love. This is God's calling on our lives, He has called us to defend the cause of the orphans, He has also called you to do the same. It is scripturally mandated, as believers we are called to help them. So that is what I am asking you to do, help the orphans. If you know someone who is adopting, :-) PRAY for them, this is a struggle the enemy does not want us to win. And then come along side them however you can, whether its donating to a fundraiser or sponsoring an orphan or just doing all you can for their plight. It all makes a difference! So if you have questions for us, please be kind in asking them, we will do our best to answer them. International adoption is hard! Its tedious and time consuming and heart wrenching. I have watched a number of friends go up and down on this roller coaster and my heart breaks for them and then is joyful for them when God takes care of all the hearts desire. Please come along side us however you can. If you have adopted internationally and you have advice for us, please, please share it with us! We would love to hear your story! Remember God has called us to this, its a calling, we must follow or lose out on a wonderful blessing! One question I get sometimes is  this? Why China? Well thats where our daughters are thats why! If God would have called us to New York thats where we would have went, but He has called us to China! Please remember to pray for all of our family, big ones and little ones. God hears the prayers of His people. Won't you  join us on this crazy roller coaster adventure of adoption??? Our daughters are waiting............

Love and Ladybugs!