Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Urgent Prayer Needed For A Sweet Boy

There is a sweet little one in Russia who needs our prayers immediately. He is an adorable little boy with Down Syndrome and his parents are there in court to be able to bring him home, but alas the judge does not deem him "worthy" to society to be adopted. His parents have been approved to adopt him through everywhere they need to be except this judge. Please pray for this boy and you can read his story here over on Linny's blog. He is not the only one facing this judge if you read more of her blog from today you will be able to hear two more sweet ones stories who are facing this same judge. Please intercede on behalf of these little ones. God deems them worthy and that is all that should matter. His heart is for the orphan and we should be so inclined to bring these requests to the feet of Our Father who has this all in His hands. Thank you so much for your prayers for this family.

On another note our family could use your prayers as well. We have had lots of changes going on around here and some are painful. We know we are suppose to move forward with our adoption and the evil one has started throwing his fiery darts at us. We will not be distracted by him, but we could use your prayers. We know God has this all laid out for us and it will be hard, so anyone who would come along side of us in this we would be ever so thankful. He is attacking on all sides and it is just getting ridiculous. We are the children of God He is our Provider and our Comforter. We take refuge in Him! Thanks everyone for standing with us and for praying.

Love and Ladybugs :)