Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quick update

First this is a test, trying to blog from my phone. Its so busy around here, don't get time to get on the computer. Note to self, must invest in small laptop, someday :-)

Secondly, After a day of prayer and fasting, thanks to my sweet friend Linny, over at A Place Called Simplicity. Her link is on my sidebar! God has spoken to our hearts to move forward with the adoption!!!!! Yippee Jesus! Now we've taken a small step and God has confirmed it, now asking for the next step, and praying He guides each step, so that we're in His will! Please keep praying friends. We are walking in faith and uncharted territory for us. Thankful its not for Him! :-) He is definitely at work in our lives and we are praising Him! Join us on our crazy journey won't ya?!

Love, blessings, and Ladybugs!!!!
Tammy :-)
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