Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Vickie

Spring is in the air and reminders are everywhere. For us this year the warm weather does not only mean spring but the events that unfold at school during spring. Brings joy and sorrow to this proud parent's heart!

This weekend Vickie will compete in her last guard competition. It is State Championships and we are very excited. Their show is gorgeous this year, and this year just might be the year they take 1st!! We are just praying! It is hard for me to believe this is her last one though. We have had 8 seasons of Guard. The first one started out with an awkward Freshman trying to figure out if she could march and spin a flag at the same time. Boy did we find out she could!! Each season through fall and then into winter she just kept getting better and better. This year and last during Marching season they took 1st every single time! Winter has been a little harder but they have always been in the top 3! I just sit back and think, where did the time go? She was so unsure and has some lack of confidence about it.

 Now, oh now its like its part of her. The flag, the rifle is part of her body. She spins it beautifully! She always use to say I don't want to do any kind of dancing stuff, but guard has brought out a little bit of talent in that area. Its so funny now to think about that statement. She dances, she marches, she tosses, she spins, she keeps the timing. There is so much to it and she does it beautifully! I am sad to see it end, but so thankful for the memories!! I am not sure what I will put in her air gram this weekend. (Air grams are cute little notes they announce over the intercom while the girls are getting the floor set to perform.) We always tell her how beautiful she is and how much we love her and to not forget to smile. 

Now this last time how do I sum up all that the past four years have meant to us, in just a few short sentences? How she has changed and grown and how her kindness and love just radiates out of her. How do you let go, when your heart so badly wants to hang on? Oh but what joy and hope we have for her. We know God has wonderful plans that He will lay out before her. We are just so excited to watch!!

Also with spring brings Prom and the dreaded and exciting Graduation season! Now with our oldest I prepared myself.  But I have been so busy lately if I stop to think of it, my heart breaks. So I just move on and try not to deal with it. A little background on our girl. Our oldest son was a little over a year old and we decided that it was time to have another. Well boys tend to run in our families so we just figured we would have another boy (later on we did :) ) but we prayed and yearned for a little girl!

 Even Daddy wanted a little girl! So we dreamed and hoped, and never found out what we were having because we love surprises! So the day she was born by C-section and they popped her little pink head over that curtain and said "It's a girl!" my heart was forever hers! and her Daddy's too!! We both sobbed and thanked God for the gift of a little girl! And she has always had us wrapped around her finger! We adore her! Good and bad! She has not been to difficult to deal with in her teen years. Oh were we preparing ourselves for that, but she handled it just like she handles everything else, with grace and love! It helps that she loves Jesus with all her sweet heart too!! So I know the day our sweet daughter puts on that cardboard blue cap and gown, and smiles that beautiful smile of hers, my heart will once again be filled with love that God truly gave us a beautiful gift in our daughter! My heart will break too knowing its just a matter of time and she'll be off on the adventure of life and allowing others to be crazy about her just like we are!! 

Victoria Erin, your Momma and Daddy adore you always!! You will always be our Princess sent from God above!! Please always stay beautiful inside and God will take care of the rest!! We love you Sissy!!! We also know your gonna be a great big sis to your little meimei's!! Thank you for being you, we wouldn't want you any other way!!!! You will always have our hearts!!!- Love Mom :-)