Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Following hard after God

This past weekend has been crazy for me emotionally. God has something going on in our lives but I am not sure of the direction He is going. It is making me excited and anxious all at the same time. I am not sure I can share it right now but just know we covet your prayers. There are so many things to think about and yet I dare not do that, just in case His path is not what I am seeing ahead of me. I just want to serve Him and do His will. I have been on my knees alot this last weekend just praying and talking with Him. What to do? How to handle things? Its both frustrating and yet I find joy in the thinking, which I should NOT be doing right now, thinking that is. I have been at the very bottom this weekend, yet He shows me hope!! Friday night I was scared out of my mind for a few hours due to something that happened with Ernie, don't worry he is fine! All is well there, but he scared me to death but God handled it in His way. Guess thats what kids do sometimes. Saturday brought some relief at Sis' guard competition, that just brings me so much joy to watch her perform. She just puts her heart into it! Then Sunday a new low and yet a high too! Lord what are YOU doing? Where do we go and how do we follow hard after YOU??!!! Like I said an emotional roller coster! I am normally good at handling these things but I sure love it when my family and  friends support me and lift me up and God shows me HIS direction! That is all I want today is HIS direction! Oh did I mention we are on Spring break as well! So guess I am off to clean, that will sure keep my mind off stuff, and I can pray while I clean. Wonder if He thinks I am silly to do that, or does He just smile and say "That girl is one of mine?" I hope the latter. Ok off to clean, please please pray for us! Lord Your WILL be done! We love you and want what you want for our lives!!! Blessings to everyone!!