Monday, March 15, 2010

Truly Listening With My Heart

Over the past few weeks I have truly been listening to my heart. Now most of the time my heart is not wrong and is easy to follow. These past few days have been a test I am sure. A test to see if I am listening to my heart as well as what God has put there. Its been a confusing time for me but yet I know in the confusion and in my prayers God is there trying to guide me. I sit very still with His word in my lap and take in His scripture and pray so I know what is truly coming from Him and what is rubish. Now granted in this life there is a LOT of rubish but ya have to know that if your close to Him the rubish will just go away and let you alone. So I normally just count it as lost. Which is good for the heart. God speaks to me through song the most I think. It is there where I can truly worship Him without any worries. My heart and my soul seem like they are lifted to His thrown. It is undescribable!

So bring in the last few weeks. God is doing something with my heart! I wish I could say just what, but to be honest I am not really sure. Its one of two things and I am just praying and waiting to see the outcome and how He works in the lives of those around me. I really cannot share it because I am really just not sure, and I do not want to put my heart out there and have it broken so I am being very logical about all this. Which is NOT who I am, anyone that truly knows me knows I think with my heart and head and throw logic out the window because I have a great BIG GOD and it seems not to matter when He is in the middle of it, and He IS!

Please pray for us, that we will keep our eyes completely on Him and know what He is trying to tell us, and please pray for all involved that their hearts will be turned to His will as well and will do what is best for everyone. I am truly blessed to have wonderful people around me who love me, close friends and family, and some who are ALMOST family. I love them dearly and I appreciate everything they bring to my life, yet something is still missing, someone is still missing. God will work how He wants to. I am just going to stand back and be in awe of His wonderous ways!!