Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just a glimpse

Yesterday I got a glimpse, just a glimpse of whats to come, a sweet little chinese girl sitting in my lap, content as can be. However this was not by my doing as much as I wanted it to be. It was a crazy day at work, picture day with the bunny. All the kids in my class had their pictures taken before even coming to class that morning, I was at ease thinking this is going to be easy. Then as it does sometimes, things change, BOY did they, we ended up with two extra little ones in our class, they are a bit younger so it was a little bit of stress on them but they managed quickly to start playing and after that you would have never known they weren't part of our class daily, however, one little boy had not had his picture taken. So guess what? I had to take him down to sit with the bunny and smile. While I am outside the door waiting, another teacher was in with two of her students, two little girls dressed as cute as can be, there class is across the hall from ours. Every once in awhile our classes play together. Today however was Thursday and one special little girl adopted from china comes, she was having her picture taken. Now God could have easily timed this all different but I am SURE He just wanted to love on me a bit :)

So as I am sitting there, my teacher friend from across the hall pops her head out and asks me if I can watch her two students and she would take the little boy I brought over (who is really from her class anyway) in to have his picture taken. I said "Sure, no problem.", One little girl jumped up in the chair sitting across from me, the other, the sweet chinese little girl, hopped up in my lap and just sat there! She was content as could be, didn't care about moving or wiggling or wanting to get down, great for a 2 year old. And then it hit me, I hugged her tight and talked with her and she just looked at me with those almond shaped eyes and smiled at me and nodded and was as happy as could be just sitting in my lap. I thanked God right there for that moment and I thanked Him for allowing her to have a forever family who loves her dearly. What a blessing she is to her family. God was allowing me to have a glimpse into whats to come, someday, I will be holding our own little China princess to love on, forever! Thank you Lord for Your grace and for loving me that much to bring me some comfort, I had a whole 10 minutes of pure joy yesterday and I will smile everytime I think about it. Is she ours? absolutely not. Did I cherish that moment? You betcha!! He keeps showing me stuff all the time, whether its a friend trying to hook me up with one of her friends who have adopted from China or my teen needing a hug, or another one concerned about her health and whats to come, coming to me for comfort, God loves me enough to bring me each one of these things to remind me of His love and the wonderful plans He has for our lives. And to tell me I still have stuff to do in the waiting. I am waiting Lord, and I will follow You each day and try to do my best to do Your will always, because I know with You, All things are possible, not some ALL things!! Matthew 19:26 I love you Lord! Thank you for loving me, that much!!