Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wondering what He has in store

So God has a way of just showing up huge and reminding me exactly what His plans are. And I in my little wisdom seem to always try and change it or hurry it along, Probably because my heart is just yearning for what He promised us. I know it all comes best in His time, but sometimes I began to wonder when exactly that is. So I am about to reveal something to you that you may think weird and then again you may not. I have longed for a little girl from China since God promised it to us so many years ago. So 6 years ago He started to soften our hearts and prepare us for adoption from China. As I began the wait I began a journal and began praying for her and her mother. What will she look like, how will she react to us, how will she be left, abandoned and alone. That breaks my heart into a million little pieces, but I know it has to happen in order for God to bring her to us. I also know that He will not leave her one tiny minute unsheltered or unloved. He has someone ready to take care of her until we can bring her home to her family who has loved her longer than she may ever know. I tell her how our hearts are being changed and what sweet things God is doing for her already! Some may call me crazy, and I expect that. Remember the characters in the bible, not everyone thought they were sane. I don't care so much about that because I KNOW I am following what He asks of me. So I journal my thoughts to her, tell her I love her. Tell her how life has changed and how I thought by now she would be home with us, another Christmas, another Easter without her. But we still hold onto Faith and Hope, because we know what is in our hearts.

I know this may sound odd to you. So I ask, have you ever had God call you to something and you brushed it off? Or maybe you doubted that it was from Him. Search your heart and see if it is from Him and if it is DO not deny Him. He will unfold gifts that you cannot even imagine. We have seen some of these gifts. We still are waiting for the big one, China, and lately I wonder if there is not more than one little sweet angel girl waiting on us in China someday. TWO in one house, what JOY that will bring to our home and comfort will bring to each other. So for now we work on getting one home. Waiting for God to let us know about the second one. We are sure about one absolutely sure!! God do Your will in our lives. We are waiting and we will serve you in the waiting. Bring our Ladybug home to us, in Your will and Your time. In the mean time bring us comfort and please keep showing us that You hear our prayers and that we are on the right track to bring her home to us so we can tell her about this wonderful Jesus and how much He loves us and the sacrifices He made to show us that. He loves us enough and loves her enough to bring us together.  We are waiting for you Ladybug

Do not be afraid for I am with you. I will bring your children from the East and gather you from the West. Isaiah 43:5

His promises are new everyday! Love you Ladybug! Love you! We all Love you AHT!!