Sunday, April 11, 2010

He is still at work!

God still amazes me every single day it seems the last week!! I have tried to just sit back and soak in the little things He is doing but it seems to be one thing after the other and I begin to laugh!!

Recently I feel God is leading me to start an in home day care. Not sure of how or when it could start but I felt earlier this winter He was leading me to start in the summer. Well I prayed and prayed and I'd get one bite or two here or there, but nothing substantial. Then the events of this past week began to unfold and all of a sudden I had friends here and there saying I might have a mom for you to watch her little one! I was truly amazed!! Then I began to pray Lord I have nothing to start this with. My kids are all grown. No baby things or cribs or anything for someone to even lay in to rest their sweet heads. And just like that in a matter of 24 hours I was blessed with 3 Pack N Plays!!! 3!!! Not sure why I need 3 but He knows!! So I do believe I am moving in the right direction!! Now for some toys and books and blocks and we could actually get this thing off the ground in a month and a half! He is indeed still working!! Could it be that this is truly the beginning of bringing our baby girl home to us??? It could very well be, in this way I could still work and be home with her! I am so blessed to have a God who knows exactly what I need before I need it!!

On another quick note! I feel like I have been on a "God High" all week!! Just waiting to crash face down into the dirt and go back to crying and wailing and "knashing my teeth" :) But He has not let me fall! He just holds me close in His arms and continues to love on me! What a wonderful Savior we have!! This morning in church our sweet Music Minister (Love ya Lee) always knows what songs to pick out to truly worship our Father! He picked Mighty to Save and a new one He "sang over us" and my heart just was overflowing with Love for the Father! As we got to the line in Mighty to Save,  "Savior He can move the mountain!" I began to weep I mean the tears were rolling down my cheeks! Remember I told you He gets to me in song, I love to worship its one of my favorite things. At that moment though all I could worship with was my tears! Thank You Lord that you know my heart! He truly can move this mountain in front of us! He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and provides our needs everyday! Adoption is HIS plan so I know HE will be the one to bring us through it each step of the way. From getting things organized and straight at home, to the finances, and even more waiting, and the travel and finally holding our girl in our arms, and bringing her home to her forever family and our friends to share Jesus with her everyday!!! So I ask this Lord, PLEASE move this mountain! Jesus be our guide every step of the way!!! We will not go where You do not lead!!! Still waiting to fall but praying He just keeps holding on tight to me and my family!! He indeed IS Mighty To SAVE!!!

Oh one other thing, Picked up Max Lucado's book Fearless, cannot wait to read it. I am sure it will help calm all my fears and get them out of the way so that The Father will have my whole attention and heart. "Holy Is The Lord, God Almighty!" Praising Him always!!!