Wednesday, April 28, 2010

God loving on me

Ok this one will be short I promise....:) at least that is the intention!

Just wanted to share a tidbit. I recently read a blog that talked about Miracle box Mondays so I think I will start that soon but this would be a tidbit I would put in that miracle box. I will get you info on how to do one if you would like at a later date but here is my little thing.

The last few weeks God has been moving in our lives, and in some things we need for our adoption. We know some  are obvious but some we just don't know about quite yet. God does, and He knows what we need before we need it. I am gonna step out in faith again in this sharing so bare with me just a bit.

So while we know what we need God has decided to surprise is in a round about way that would meet one of the last requirements in our adoption other than the money of course. I love how He is in the intricate details. Now I cannot share exactly what it is yet until we are absolutely sure of this but I do believe it is going to happen. He just continues to speak to me about it. I am being neutral in this because if I get my heart into it then that is when I will be in trouble.

 Anyway lets just say Bud and I did not have to be at church tonight so we dropped Tommy off there and then took Sis to Guard try-outs (she has been on guard every year both seasons but yet this is an annual routine, she still has to do) and then we went to get some ice cream. A treat for us, we do not go spend money on ice cream normally because I am picky about the price when you can get a half gallon at the store for the same price you spend on two. Anyway we were driving back and we were talking about this "gift" that God may have in store for us and as we are turning the corner to home the song, "Walk by Faith" came on. Now if you read my blog earlier you know how significant that song is to me. He sends me that song like he send the ladybugs. Just not as frequent, but it reminds me that He is in control and that I should not doubt. The funny thing was that was exactly what I was doing! So I feel in my heart He just may do this for us. Do we deserve it??NO!! Do we ever deserve the gifts He gives us, not at all! If its what God wants will we follow? YES we will, walking by faith WE WILL!! So in my memory box I will put an ice cream cone for this memory and Him reminding me He has it all under control! Thank you Lord for always knowing my heart, speaking to it and comforting me! We are indeed "Walking By Faith!"

Blessings and Ladybugs