Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day...early

Well we celebrated part of Mother's day a day early. On Friday Ernie decided he wanted to come home and spend the weekend with me. (What a sweetie don't ya think?) No coaxing or anything he just called last week and asked me if I could come down and get him so he could spend the weekend home. Well of course I said yes! His car is here still being worked on so he has to wait to drive it. For now when he wants to come home I drive the two hours down to get him. Which also means a return trip on Sunday afternoon, hence celebrating early. Two hours down also means two more hours back home. It gets to be a tiring day when we do that. Church first, lunch and then head back down to SBU. By the time we get home we are ready to just relax and get ready for work on Monday.

The day started off to be a normal Saturday. Bud went to bible study and let me sleep in (thanks honey!). Then we got going for the day. About 30 minutes away there is a place called City Market and it really is just what the title says. Its in the middle of the City and lots of vendors from around the area bring their fresh fruits and veggies and flowers down to sell. I LOVE it! Love looking around at all the wonderful things God has grown on their farms and in their gardens. Depending on what time of year it is, depends on what goodies you can buy. Today was mostly herbs and flowers. There were some fruits but it is still early in the season around here for that quite yet.

Let me back up just a bit. We planted our own garden about a month ago, however some things are just not coming up. It rained for quite a bit and the weather got cool. Not freezing just really cool. I think it might have shocked some of our tender veggies. Bud was out to replace just a few of those today. So we headed down to City market. The kids love going down there as much as I do. All the different little stores of different ethnicity as well as the vendors pulled up under the awnings unloading their goodies. It is a wondrous sight. So today we picked and chose some herb plants and a few veggie plants. Not to many but a few. Then we went into the Italian deli. The kids got a sample of real Italian cheese and also some gellato. Listened to some music from a guy playing a saxophone. (my instrument in high school :) ) and just enjoyed the atmosphere. We headed to this one little flower shop that had fresh Jasmine growing. Oh how I wanted to get that plant and bring it home. Then I turned around and Bud said, "Look what I found. Do you like this?

Is that a ladybug I see? Of course I like it! It is a watering can. He asked if I wanted it and I really contemplated it but knew we were saving. I just looked up at the Heavens and said "Thank you God!" And went about what I was doing. I leaned over and smelled that Jasmine again and turned the corner of this little area and spotted this.
How cute is that?? Then I shrieked and laughed at God just showing off again! He is good isn't He?

We finished out our little trip there loaded the van up and headed towards home. I asked Bud if he would stop at a couple places because I was looking for a Memory Box so I could start my Memory Box Monday's. I promise to blog about that really soon. Its such a wonderful concept. So we stopped at Hobby Lobby and guess what I saw there?
Showing off again!! So sweet for Him to love on me! I also found some more of those little Ladybug Magnets like Tommy surprised me with. I think God was just reminding me that even though she is not here home with us. He has not forgotten the desire of my heart. Thank You Lord for taking the time to love on me. You truly know me better than I know myself. What a sweet reminder on this Mother's day to remind me of His plans for us. So wherever you may be with your own adoption or even in your own relationship with your Mom. Know that God knows the desires of your hearts and blesses you with whomever He puts in your life to be that "mom figure" for you.

It was a good day! A good day indeed! I will stop by my own sweet Mommas house tomorrow to love on her and tell her how thankful I am that God sent her to be my Mom. She isn't always in the best of health but I am thankful for each day that she is still with us. I love to hear her laugh at my silly kids and know that they bring her joy! I just continue to pray that she will be with us to meet her other granddaughter when she comes home from China one day. Go hug your Moms and thank God for each minute you get to spend with them. Because you never know when they will go home to Jesus. I am thankful I still have one parent here on earth with me and am also thankful that My Dad and Jesus are watching over our sweet Ladybug till He deems it time to send her down here and bring her to her forever family! Happy Mother's day to all the Mom's out there!!

Blessings and Ladybugs!! :)

"For I know the plans I have for you" declares The Lord. "Plans to prosper and not to harm you. To give you hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11