Friday, May 21, 2010


Tonight as I sit here contemplating the day, I am due just a bit of reflection. I just got back from our kids annual band banquet for their school. Its a fun thing lots of pictures from the year, lots of awards tallied up, who got what scholarship to go to which college and the coveted Gold Shoe award! I love Marching Band! Always have, I was one of the band geeks in High school and am proud to say all of my kids are as well. From the oldest right down to our youngest, somehow God called them to be band geeks! :) They LOVE it! I say band geek in a most loving way. Its a group of its own. If you've been one you know what I mean. Others may NOT get you but at least your band friends do! It was a fun night indeed, both kids lettered again and are improving everyday.

Sis will be a Senior here in a few short weeks and again I will have to mull through the year without shedding tears in the middle of the day for no apparent reason other than I am losing one more child, one more moving away, one more who will not need me like they use to. One more grown up in our home. One less smile, one less giggle, one less to complain about home work or band work or its too hard or I'm too tired, One less. One less hug goodnight, one less I love you Mom have a good day in the morning, one less, going off to follow God's plan for her life in a year. I should be happy that all she has accomplished.

 What happened to the little girl with no hair and the biggest smile you ever saw, just wanting to sit on my lap and have me hug her and read to her? She is now a remarkable godly young woman with all her hard work  is coming to fruition, I am happy so happy and so proud, but my heart is sad when I think of her not warming the walls of our home everyday. I always wonder have I taught her all I need to? Can she fight off the evilness of this world and truly rely on our awesome God for all her needs? I pray so! So for now I am going to enjoy every laugh, giggle, tantrum, door slammed, rolled eye, sweet hug, butterfly kiss, oh and the laugh when she laughs so hard she falls out of her chair.

There are perks to her growing up as well. See my sweet girl is going to be a pastry chef when she graduates from culinary college. I still get a year of tasting all her sweet confections and having her test things out on me. That my friends is fun stuff! I will miss my Princess dearly. She is a remarkable sweet young lady! So enjoy with me her senior year but pray for me as my heart prepares for yet another sweet child grown into a godly adult to leave our home once again. For now she and her little brother are still my band geeks and I love them dearly!! Here are some "band geek" pics.

Sis Pre Game

Sis Band Camp

Sis and I Blue Valley Comp

Fall Guard "Gladiator" Sis is in the back on the right

Sis Winter Guard "Smile"

Tom Tom right before a game might I say he looks sharp for a band geek LOL
Plays Tuba now this was last year

Being silly with one of his friends who was cold. He tucked his head in his coat. Tommy could not resist the picture!

Warming up before a competition He is the second one from the left.

Trying to stay cool before a competition. They are always trying to do one or the other, if you look to his right on the ground is his uniform coat. Second from the front of the line on the far left.They are also stretching before they perform

So there are my sweet kiddo's tonight was a great night of reflection of the past year of "Gladiator" Its always a whirlwind while we are in the midst of the season but its nice to reflect on all their accomplishments!

I am off to bed my friends. The banquet was just the start of the weekend. Tomorrow I head down to SBU to get my college kid. He finished his freshman year today and tomorrow is graduation. So after he plays His tuba at graduation He is home for the summer!

OK so this one is from last year but I couldn't resist one of him too!

Anyway we will get him tomorrow and then I get to sing at church on Sunday with the choir and then our sweet pastors son who graduates next weekend is having his grad party that we were so kindly invited to. I count that a privilege. We have a big church so I feel very blessed to be able to go. Him and Vickie are great friends and sing in the choir at school together too. Yes she sings too!!! She has her Mom's musical gene! I guess for that matter they all do! :) OK off to bed its a long drive tomorrow!

Blessings, and some great music tonight!!